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The return of Ramos
 Sport Event    11/18/2021
The return of Ramos

After Sergio Ramos did not agree a contract extension with Real Madrid, the Spanish defender left the galaxy after years of becoming the club's legend and, as expected, joined Paris Saint-Germain to face a new challenge. Experience yourself in French football and next to the superstars of this team.
 However, Sergio Ramos has struggled with injuries since joining Paris Saint-Germain, which has prevented him from playing for the French side; The issue has even angered PSG fans, with the French media recently reporting on it. The situation escalated to the point that there was even a claim that Paris Saint-Germain was considering terminating his contract with the Spanish star.
However, despite this contradictory news, Sergio Ramos has been training hard in recent weeks and has recently been added to Paris Saint-Germain group training. In fact, it seems that the Spanish star is now on the verge of breaking the spell and playing his first official game for PSG.
  While a few days ago the French media claimed that Sergio Ramos will be able to accompany Paris Saint-Germain for the November 4 match against Lance, now the team has made another claim. According to these prestigious French media, Sergio Ramos has reached the point of readiness and can play a few minutes in Saturday night's match between Paris Saint-Germain and Nantes.